My mom told me to head over to her house "that there was a bag of tablecloths for me". Not knowing my tastes I couldn't imagine what they were like. The hunt for a tablecloth has been on for a bit. A close call but it sold, pity, there were four matching napkins. But who cares now to my delight I was gifted 7 mint condition vintage tablecloths. Along with them came a couple pillowcases and kitchen towels. They are all breathtaking. Grateful? Yes!!! Boots & Saddle in Autumn tones was on the table last week and just recently changed out. Next season I'll be sure to get a photo of that one to share.
(should have ironed this before hastily popping on huh.)

Having these beauties in the house got me nostalgic. So we went thrifting. You know I could have a sweet little vintage shop with the deals that we come across. I don't know enough about vintage items nor could the time be found since the smallest handbag I make takes 4 hours.

We did find something there that was left behind as I am a minimalist (respectably).


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