Lucky Lady

While cleaning out my iPod I came upon my cross country trip back to New England. It truly is a remarkable country to drive across. The photo above is Utah, I believe. The trains are pretty neat. We saw about 5 sets of them but this was the only one that could be capture at high speed.

The next is us driving as fast as we could through Las Vegas. On the way to California we stopped and stayed at the New York New York and had a terrible time. For starters I caught my friends cold in Colorado a few days prior. So coming into the extreme dry heat of Vegas 105 and with its stuffy as ever indoors made for a tough time. I felt like the cracked earth with no relief in sight. Plus we are not gamblers what so ever. We did catch a neato show while eating in the mile long mall of human acrobats. One guy would lay on the ground and twirl the girl with his feet. It was truly a thing to see. So was the beer I didn't finish that was brought with me throughout the mall. Felt weird to walk into Origins with a beer in my hand.

Needless to say on the way back we just kept on driving with no hopes of returning but caught this great signage to remind me that California did bring me a lot of luck. (for that I'm thankful)

Enjoy your weekend. I hope it is most beautiful...


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