friend with a truck

Since I posted the photo above I couldn't help but think of the item left behind at the Antique store. Which is a goldmine for the browser. It is located on route 1 in Arundel, Maine. As any Mainer knows route one is cluttered with some of the best antique stores for miles and miles (maybe a hundred miles). When we traveled to Bar Harbor for our 10 year wedding anniversary we stopped at one where we got into a conversation with a nice man stating Maine is the attic of New England. Nicely put.

So this is the story of our Vintage Schoolhouse Chalkboard.

It bothers me a bit that I didn't get it when I saw it. I've always wanted one; an enormous chalkboard. Knowing a few folks in the school field they could never get me one (shy grin) I stumbled across one yesterday for $45.00 yes I said 45 dollars. These two pictures are accurate photos of the exact one. Why didn't I get it? Looks like the shipping alone was $200.00...dope. When my husband arrived to pick it up jokes ensued by all after their amazement of the price tag. "hubby will write dinner suggestions" and "wife will write fix it lists"

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after a nights sleep we both woke to it, looked at each other pretended we lived in a large loft in New York. The open space was parted by this beautiful chalkboard. We were sold...But was it sold? We called our friend with a truck 2 hours later we have our chalkboard.

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below is our new love. I may incorporate it into photo marketing for may.tree.ark but scare at the notion of placing tape or anything that will render harm !

I know it closes the space up a bit but it is not permanent so it is okay. If you know anything about these types of chalkboards please comment. Care, age or likes. Thank you...


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