check out that wardrobe circa 1998. Well for me, I am sure these threads are a bit older than that.

You can barely see it but under the thermal is an amazing handmade brown and yellow thin charlie brown zig zag tank top. Oh do I miss the satiny goodness of that number.

If i were to go join in on the thriftiness today, these types of clothes are far and few between. You just don't come by them anymore, unless you're in there everyday, but who does that for pleasure? It's a come hell or high water type of market. There's not too many stores out there that have not been picked over for profit in this modern world of buy and sell of Vintage... It was bound to be an era thing. Don't get me wrong its fabulous. I love to see what is out there. What people are wearing and how they are making it work today.

Humbly my heart sinks to pay full price in my old age. When I was younger I couldn't afford department store prices like Guess, Camp Beverly Hills and Esprit (sheepish/shy grin) So I would make my way to Sallies or my mom and dad's closet to create a fashion that made me confident. Now looking at that outfit above it makes me wish that nothing was purged. I did this often... At least once a year to family. With one final one in 2006. I'm tormented by it. It's not that they would be sold at a vintage shop, heck no. If I had them I'd cherished them in my own wardrobe. maybe may.tree.ark would be that better off for it with a super duper retro style behind it. I had that many choices were a heavy rotation would have to be employed so that the clothes didn't get stale. But that's all dream land. And worse I can't afford full price vintage and I want to.

This is something that I found in the Halloween section recently for $1.99. Which I bet was being held on a rack in the back for this Halloween season. So the poor darling was probably back there for sometime waiting on a shelf... What else is back there?

It is a 1960-70's Chessa Davis Skirt. I don't have and didn't get a full size shot. it was hideous, beastly, homely, a monstrosity. And sorry folks. sorry vintage traveler. I know you'll cringe that it was cut up for repurposing. It's what my generation is doing. Plus did I say it was gaudy. Many are for sale and will never be bought. No offense intended, really. Strips of the fabric however were amazing, so amazing they had to be salvaged. They almost look like a bedspread?

I'll let you know what it becomes soon enough.


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