between heaven and hell

This was too funny not to mention. Have you even seen an episode of Roseanne? There is an afghan residing of the couch for what seems forever. Well if you stay up till 1am like me sometimes you will. Sure it will dumb you down if you take it seriously, so cut me some slack will ya.

I saw the top quilt from a blog of a talented person and of course the bottom one is from Rosanne. It's sheer awesomeness is cool but it reminded me of heaven and hell..and I laughed...I think it would be very cool on a current sitcom or the like..yup..ummhummm

oh while we are on the top I'm a Buffy fan...ah the cat is out of the bag. I believe strongly in what the director is trying to get across into this multi dimension civilization (yes, us)..

I shutter from linking to blogs, like I did the top person, because they can be very stuck up about it. Not that this person being linked to will be it's just that this one time one twitter there was a tweet from a blogger that said "i hate it when so called bloggers link back to my blog" I thought she was very low rent for that and it spoiled a lot for me but I did it anyway and she sucks. (no it was not me it was a tweet) I am wicked cool and peeps love it when I open my mouth...high ya!!!!!!!!!!


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