I took this article broke it down to posts worth reading, according to me, in order to save you time...Just click on the blog's name and you'll jump on over...You're welcome.

50. Lovely Clusters: Introduces The Lovelies
49. The Fabric of my Life: suck in fatty
48. Design Squish: Has your moon been mega bright this week?
47. Pillar Box Post: they don't teach about Gouache Croquis in bookkeeping class
46. automatism: the missing link
45. Nestled In: Do you keep Flickr Favorites?
44. Oliveaux: zippo
43. Brooklyn Limestone: down-loadable love.
42. Delight by Design: you'll never send out an ugly addressed letter again.
41. Please Sir: socks that are bella...
40. Chez Larrson: got trashed
39. Katy Elliott: brainstorms
38. Simple Song: toys with you
37. Modish: balances her act
36. Oh so Beautiful Paper: scraps with jen & dan
35. The City Sage: sends you elsewhere!
34. The Designs Files: the entire week is worth looking at but this is my pick. Lucas = yummy
33. Home Shopping Spy: What is war good for?
32. Mint: on tour
31. Making it Lovely: i just want to look at the collection of business cards all day
30. Oh Hello Friend: Again the entire week is worth reading but this makes you go "awe sweet"
29. Fine Little Day: that wallpaper is "large man"
28. Bliss: her happy place
27. A Field Journal: Victoria!
26. Coco + Kelley: do you think the neighbors can see me?
25. Wee Birdy: open call
24. Pia Jane Bijkerk: book writer
23. Daydream Lily: darling
22. Sweet Paul: I'm a sucker for a sweater
21. Design for Mankind: dailies?
20. Dos Family: zilch..the children must have ate her...
19. This is Glamorous: go to your room. OK
18. Frolic: keep the muscles I'll take the trash...
17. Grain Edit: I'm a teachers pet...O u dirty girl.
16. Print & Pattern: gardens are a plus
15. swissmiss: yup i agree
13. Bloesom: um yes pleaseee but no kids allowed that's mine...
12. Young house Love: who has white ceiling? As if...
11. Design is Mine: the written word is my typa place
10. SFgirlbybay: i had to have my room immaculate but i suffered for neet.
09. Creature Comforts: mae.be I'm biased because of the name, nah it's the giveaway...
08. Emma's Design Blog: i liked Augusts trailer...
07. Poppytalk: you can spot a real person from a mile away...i want to hug you...but maybe you don't hug? Yah you do, come here...
06. Decor8: it's all envy from here on in folks...
05. Oh Joy!: Wondering what to do with your flowers once there Chi-less...I'm thinking my steps should look like this on a daily basis...
04. Design to Inspire: if you lived here you'd be home now but you don't so there...
03. The Selby: wanna play with my thingy???
02. Design*Sponge: wanna read a book, nah just kidding around...fooled yah ya fool. silly fool.
01. Apartment Therapy: This is in my top 10 views of ones I'd never want to see on a daily basis unless i were? Elton John, then yes, its splendor is unprecedented...


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