Seems to perfect of an evening to tell this tiny tale with the state of the union address happening and all. This happened one night during Obama's election campaign.

I was listening to my ipod on shuffle when I came across this "change" cut out during sweeping while the song change was on. I picked it up tacked it to my board, next to George of all things, you know first of firsts...whatever. Then Our Generation came on. It was just too much of a coincidence to me, so of course I had to document it. I don't do that much anymore, way to many photos not to mention doing something like that makes you a strange person...

Hey have you ever noticed that most people doing something in the lime light today are 33?

okay, feel silly. It's just that I had to share. It had to be done because this was beyond bizarre...I couldn't make this up if I tried. Oh and I just noticed a weed leaf on the album in one of the picture, it's willie nelson, oh willie, god bless you!!


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