Instant Collector and buy my clothes

Thank you to everyone that helped me clear out some shelving space for Camp Wilder.  Now I can focus on Instant Collections.  More bang for your buck.  I will still be listing items individually or you can request to purchase a piece from a collection.  Doing it this way is so much fun for me.  And it will be for the enthusiast of a particular collection or someone just starting out on a new lust.  I am starting with a fresh collection, Instant Native American.  These are items that have not been seen by anyone yet.  Then I am moving on to items already there in the shop combining them with fresh items.  You can look forward to
Instant German
Instant Gypsy
Instant Hippie
Instant Camper
Instant Game Night
Instant Book Collection
Instant Sewing Kit
Instant 80s
Instant 90s
Instant lumberjack
Instant Yarn Hoarder
Instant Spaniard
Instant Japanese Musician
Instant Musician
Instant Clothes Horse
Instant Instant Instant.  There are soooooo many.


I have decided to open an Instashop on Instagram.  I will post the items here as well.  They are all my clothing.  Most of my clothes I have worn once.  Like I said in yesterdays post I wear t-shirt and jeans.  As much as I would love to walk around in thigh highs and tailored suits.  Work prevents me from that fun stuff.  I am trying to shed myself of as much work as I currently do so I can (without the loss of income.)  You know more buisness, more money, more time off.  I can do it.  

Sooo!  I began a pen name May Summers.  search user MaySummers or hashtag #maysummers and #buymyclothes.  Don't you just love the name.  If and when this memoir novella of mine comes out perhaps that will be the pen name.  So if you want to sport my threads on the cheap that is the place to grab them or here too of course.  Just email me at campwildercollection with your paypal email so i can invoice you.  All items include shipping to the US.  International folks contact me for your region.  I say comment here but I have NO clue how to enable comments on blogspot.  I've tried everything.  Here is the first item. 

Camper Spiral Boots, rare and $278/new.  They are only $40/that includes shipping to the USA, because I want to clean clean clean out!  They are size 36.  Size 6 true to size not 6.5 not a 7.  9" insole 10" bottom sole.  Brown leather Pink leather and a purple zipper.  They are totally amazing boots.  Camper Spirals in this color tone are very rare.  Camper Spirals in general are.  Hope you like them.

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