The importance of each day...

January first twenty thirteen

Good Year Folks.

I will post each day.  I will not delete.  Why?  Because yesterday I had a revelation.  

the cast of light is as important as the veil of a shadow

Most artists create their piece without explanation.  If they are any good at their choice of art dissertations will and have been written about what could have gone through their minds at the time of creation.  I could never promise to be that important.  I selectively tell you at times what is in mine.  Solely for the purchase of morality   Such as this.  

I wanted to convey something special to you through a photo to kick off 2013.  At first it was going to be with my arms outstretched saying HELLO, 2013 but I thought better.  I realized it isn't about just me its about all of us, which includes me.  We are the light, we are the shadow.  We are surrounded by it.  We are bathed in beauty yet parts of us lurk in darkness. To have the both is what gives us balance. If we think of life as a tea cup ride, you know the ones at the carnival.  They are fun, romantic even, when you get to ride with that special boy and you get squashed together.  But for some of us the ride is not a thrill.  It is nauseating.  So if we all ride it together hoist the ones to the top so that they may get some air the shadows will be easier to ride out.

Of course I speak of togetherness.  A lot of us don't have a together.  There are many of us who are private pioneers.  Some who are the outlandish who have been outcast.  The modest point here is each crappy act that may happen in 2013 or in the past is important.  We can not wish them away.  We can not stop them from happening.  There is a reason, find its purpose.  Don't be afraid to walk in the shadows. 

Stand tall.  
Walk strong.  
Be good.

May your cups be overflowing with your greatest wishes this year.  

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