Slow to a halt to gear up again

Hey Folks... 
some slow stitching is happening over here.   

A slow down of sorts.  I've been talking about it all year.  Like vacations from the shop and only taking orders here and there than none at all.  All sorts of ups and downs with how to slow down.  My girl is growing so Homeschool is afoot.  My passion for sewing became so wide that I began to weave + make all sorts of other little crafts.  What I wasn't doing was creating for the home.  The painted trim when undone, the curtains were not stitched up, the special touches on my clothing.  So I'm going to sell off all that I am not 100% committed to.  head back into just the bags.  That is changing too, a bit.  I'm going real slow on that one, so I can hear the call of the wild to guide my spirit on how to work it.  I love it all so much ALL.  All is too much, well I can love it just can't think that its something to incorporate into my work.  
Thank you all for hanging with me and my life's journey.  It's appreciated and 100% supportive.  

Do look for all the projects begun though.  I have about a 3 foot pile of Works In Progess...


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