Current Mood.  Spring Cleaning.  With a major passion - like a complete upheaval.  

Something about me is I love style.   There are several that I am highly attractive to but split by.

Vagabond / collector - dark - rustic
Old + Modern Bohemian / hippie - gypsy style
Shabby Chic /  linens - whites - spacious - chippy paint - large floral prints
1920s /  turn of the century country - enamel - wooden simplicity - doily - table cloth - simple lace

This styling is in my head constantly.  As a fashion and as decor of my home.  Space (brain space not square footage) doesn't allow for me to achieve all, some or none of this.  I slowly began Shabby Chic'ing my way through the house which grew to something different because I am torn between where my aesthetic is.  Like during antique'ing I see a piece that I admired and must have it.  Doesn't fit in with the flavor of the moment.   Sooooo.....

I have to make a decision.  Chose a style and stick with it.  

As simple as that.  It occurs to me that I may free up my thoughts if I do this.  The battle will end of what to do, where to put this and that and how it's all going to work out, together!  Ideally if i could fit all four of those styles together we'd be set.  That's the current state of my home now.  But there is no organization to it.  Here are a few images I quickly pulled off the internet to assist with visual of what I am saying.  

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