How to start a business

I am teaching myself how to start a business.  Sure I've been selling on Etsy since 2008 but that is just a hobby.  The time has come to do or die.  There are starting points BUT I don;t know how to start or references on where. 
The website builder I will use is Squarespace.   Questions I have are:
Will a blog be easy to make on it?  Can I migrate my old posts from blogger to it?
How do people get a lot of images on in one image with a white background?
Do I need photoshop?
How do I use custom fonts in posts and headers?
There are so many questions that I am not sure how to find the answers.

I wish to learn myself of hire an apprentice that would be willing to do it for free or a small donation as practice for them.   Because I just spent ALL my money.  The money went to fabric and hardware.  If I don;t have the best goods to offer why bother building a website!

So I am broke.  Sales are not coming in.  I have made one sale in 40 days.  I am not sure why.  Perhaps there is much competition.  But no one makes bags like me.  They are pretty neat. I love working with waxed canvas now.   It is the one thing that I learned online.  Most everything I did was from coming across the fabric or seeing it in a movie.  The I saw waxed canvas pop up so I gave making a bag from it a try.  LOVE IT.  The texture, the way it moves with you and how it ages is timeless.
I will still repurpose Army Canvas into bags.   Dying my own fabric and finding simply irresistible one of a kind fabric textiles will still be my first loves.   
What i am in the mist of doing now is making one style of my bag and offering it endlessly in my shop.  That way it will always be avaibl.e  SO when you get "i love that bag where did you get it?"  They too can buy one from may.tree.ark on Etsy. 

I will also start to tell folks the amazing uses and features of the Hipshack and how the bags are made.  Which is so strong and about the realm of stitched seams.

A focus on moms.  Speaking of mom.  Use your Etsy gift card at using coupon code mother to receive 25% off your purchase.   All handmade handbags are ready to ship. 
The name may.tree.ark is matriarch.  SO why not let folks know that they fit mom perfectly.  The hands free babywearing mom.  The big diaper bag toting mom.  Where can slip her Hipshack inside one of the pockets only to take it out when she needs to be free of her pressures and move forward about her walk, shopping or playground trips.

So if anyone out there is reading this and can assist me with pointing me in the right direction to be self taught or willing to work with me, that would be SO amazing.  Please write

all my love

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