Blooming flowers in Maine

 Getting there with my goal of creating a line of made to order bags.  Its a lot of discipline to be challenged.  I walk by a lot of army fabric and salvaged vintage pieces that I have been wanting to use for years.  But I stay my path.  I did however stray for one project.  This zipper pouch.  The fabric came from our only and local fabric shop here at Dunstun Corner in Saco/Scarborough.  It is a Schumacher the trim has Natural History Museum printed on it.  Tried to look it up but there is no information easily found as to want it is trying to reproduce.  It could be a kilim rug or a weave of some anthropological people.  Its such a lovely fabric.  I will make a fanny pack out of it.  Remember they are also mini messenger bags, that fit larger model phones, even otter box.

Once I have completed my goal the next is to blog more, pinterest and twitter.  These are mandatory steps in order to start or continue a successful online shop.  I have been so focused on my new daughter and my bags.  My bags take a lot of time up.  They are not quick makes.  So when I'm done making, photos and listing its difficult to find the time to sit and talk about them right.  And that said I've got to get on here with a great selling point of how they are made.  How I am a self taught gal and just now am i beginning to reach out to see who is out there in the creative world.  I have been so solo that I need to find folks that think and act like me in the craft world to share this great adventure with.

Here is what we have been up to over the last week.  Flower picking in Maine during Spring is so sweet and scented.  Tomorrow I will walk by the field of poppy and pray they are still standing.  You must see them.  Hopefully I can find the post about the lady that gardens them. 

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