Patiently Curious

I get so curious how things will unfold for life once Clover gets here.  Taking note of Rex today was an indication of how I want things to go.  As he sat shaded from the sun a dragonfly swooped in loud and clunky bumping into this and that.  Once Mr. Dragonfly got his barrings he fluttered in front of Rex's face.  They both sat mellow gazing into each others eyes wondering what each was about.  Not startled, not impatient but mellow.   Mr. Dragonfly then sat on the curtain as Rex watched with curious eyes until he faded back into his slumber.   This is how I wish for my future to be.  Aware with patience but not waiting, mellow in nature (body and mind) and never startled by the unexpected but to handle it with grace and dignity. 

Today's masterpiece ( smiles ) a Black canvas with leather accent Hipshack available at

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