Clover May's Nursery

The first photo is a bit dark.  That is the light in there at 8am so in a way it shows the subtle tone for a sleeping baby.  We chose dark out curtains for that reason.  The room is a work in progress.  So far we love the route it is headed in.

 The right side of the photo looks a little squished because that is the co-sleeper.  She will be sleeping with us until we feel she will be ready to move in here on her own.  For now it is still in here until we are ready to bring her home.

 She has the three major toys.  Glowworm, sophie and jelly cat.  of course we thought we were in a boutique that had special one of akind type toys.  The find that Jelly cat rabbits are super popular. 

 changing station.  I am sure I'll be moving it around a bit to be able to grab the wipes and diapers at arms reach. :)  the changing dresser holds clothing that is 6 months and on plus some other storage.

 Empty baskets under the crib will let us know what they are for later. 

 We will be a family of 3 soon.
 changing, nursing, care center.  I love the wicker.  I freaked when I saw this.  Knew it was a must have for her room

 diaper wipe dispensers ARE so expensive

 We have not completed painting the doors or adding the floor trim.  Soon.

 The walls are a red clover paint and the floor is a seawall gray

 This is a toy that belonged to Z's dad.  he has kept very good care and was delighted to place this in her room
 her little entertainment center.
 we had to scoop up these overalls for apple picking.  We can not wait to do that with her.
 Her little rocker for around the house.
 my over-packed, I need to be gone through, ready to go into labor hospital bag. :)
 Me!  Mama to be. 
 our wicker rocker for nursing, adoring and loving our little girl.  Little night stand for my water, etc and underneath is a basket full of clothes for burps and stuff.  Other side is a little rubbish and empty basket for the I don't know yets.
 some very soft natural fur rugs for ultra comfort.
 We love this little dresser drawer.  I holds her tiny socks, mittens, hat and little items.  The bigger dresser holds her newborn to 6 months.

swaddle and blankets close at hand.  The only view that is missing is the closet.  That is were the co-sleeper is and thedoors are off.  It is to be completed within the next day or so.Will update post when complete.

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