Clint Eastwood

 The good, the bad and the ugly.  There was a big X in the sky when we reached our destination.  It was neat but I am not a fan of cloud seeding and think it is a terrible thing.

We had a DEA arrest outside our backyard the other night and I was not impressed that we still don't have a fence and there were about 5 officers with their guns drawn.  They were amazing policemen.  I just want a fence real bad.  Send me fence getting vibes.

colorful hipshacks up in the may.tree.ark shop.

 It is almost Fathers Day.  A day where we are going to celebrate our first pre-father fathers day.  Cuz he is a daddy just not a dad just yet.  Yah know.  So i took this little photo for him.

Then some super cute photos of our Rex and a little bunny born without fur but got his fur in after 3 months.  So he is a happy fur filled bunny now.  Bunny via

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