A journey only a prayer can navigate

Without too many words this will be said.  I said a really big prayer in December of 2013.  A "this has to be answered" type of deal or I'm headed to Mount Everest.  Little did I know I was 3 weeks pregnant at the time of my Amen.  Almost 4 months later it is a certainty of such divine powers. 
Here are some sneaks into our life as we prepare for something jollily amazing in our 20 years of marriages. 

 This is our first toy.  After our appointments making sure all was and perfect we decided it was time to search out our babies first toy.  This is it.  The sweetest, softest rabbit bought at a local Portland Maine boutique called Folly 101.  Below is me clutching it telling Rex, the pug it is not his and never will be.
And below that is the strength I have to endure this lifetime - as well as to cut all my hair off.


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