woods hiker - picture taker

 So!  It is totally that time of year were all the skeeters are fucking off.  We get in our shoes, boots, buses or vehicles too see what nature has to offer.  Don't get me wrong summer hiking is great.  I personally prefer Spring and Fall hikes when it comes to New England.  California we were doing it all the time (although the end of Nov and start of Dec were my favorite there. 

Lets grab our gear and show the world how we get there, where is there and what we see there.  Oh and of course what we wore.  (me:  boring.  I am so boring with my clothes.  My photos look like stylish but those are pifel, only to show how they look with outfits for the everyday gal.  me I'm a t-shirt and jeans and little sweater girl.

Or.. a sweet plaid.

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