On being a mother

I get to sleep through the night.  Dinner is super easy for this none picky eater.  I determine when he peeds and poops (which is twice a day - he hasn't asked yet).  There is no interior storage of his poop and pee.  He cuddles with me on command and surprises me with the cutest impromptu.  He doesn't want to share my bed.  He loves his own bed.  he is afraid of monsters in the closets and is sure to let me know that he is there to protect me when said monster is out to get me.  His bath time is a breeze.  Even even lets me brush his teeth and trim his nails with no fuss.  He is curious about everything.  I teach him about everything like he understands, all it does it make me look like a lunatic.  Which makes me laugh at myself.  I love that he follows me everywhere I go.

He is a joy.  I love being his mother.


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