Many fashion styles

These are from The Republic of China.

Amazing book cover with a Poison ring that was feared to be lost but now found and up again at Camp Wilder

Wonderful book cover.

Sometimes it truly entertains me how many styles I can go through in a day or week.  That my studio is full of things from different eras, genres and tastes.  One doesn't go with the other.  I know I do it because I want to appeal to everyone but also it keeps my attention.  Honestly I love everything.
here is a bit of what has been circulating this week.

I went to an actual retail store to buy fabric.  its been at least 4 or more years.  I got some cool shit there.  These two wallet hipshacks are one of them.  More to come...
Old vintage hippie gypsy fabric amde into a hipshack.  So difficult to work with.  Next it will be a big bag
Some days Rex looks like a seal pup.

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