Good Day folks.

may.tree.ark is going to begin a new blog.  Citizen Cathy has been with me since the inception of blogging.  The blog was deleted twice, it is on its third round.  It was familiar to me so I stuck with it.  The integration of personal and business threw me off a bit.  Since heavy focus has me thinking of branding, marketing and the like it is time to begin again.  Or rather it is time to dedicated solely to the designs.  All in all it should make for a cohesive look when browsing through the blog to get a feel for the products, not just the artist and her day, and what is expected in terms of future works, current works and the history each one took to evolve.

Come along if you'd like as I meander my way to getting it just the way it should.  I'd love it if you did.  At the moment it is a raw as it could be making it all that much more entertaining as time goes on.
Thank you.

Hope to see you there.

Click here to see the new blog (remember it is a shell at the moment and will take some time to get it running properly)

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