These boots were meant for walking

If you have read my last post it is amazing what has happened since.  In just two days miracles have happened.  I have danced, walked at night with Rex alone with the low clouds hurrying as they let a few stars and the crescent moon peek out to greet me.  The night was gorgeous.  We live in a neighborhood with a devils strip.  A dream of mine.  I felt elated and blessed.  dog.  I need a dog!

This is a photo of my nephew.  I received it yesterday.!!  He was in NICU when he was born.  Bad hospital didn't see my sister, his mama, was in distress and let her go on with labor.  He pooped inside and inhaled it.  Now at age 2.5 he had to get a surgery.  Nothing major.  He's great.  The point is he's telling me that doggies are for hugs and hugs are for everyday!  They make you smile.
Thanks for the message little muscle man.

Rex, the dog is very cuddly.  Extremely sweet and behaves beyond my expectations.  We found a home for him.  But the mother cried when we told her.  Her reality hit again.  Just as it did on her way to the pound.  She will take him back.  Now she is looking harder for a place to accept her and her pooch.
Best of luck girl.

Meanwhile my hunt is on for my dog!

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