The Alder Tree

Walking through the thrift shop the other day my husband came across these gigantic binder books.  There were five of them.  Later when we got home after researching they were all there.  The complete set was in my hands at one point.  I sat there thumbing through them with my budget in mind.  After determining which was the most important to me I got it.  Later realizing they were all important.  Regrettably no longer there.   This is a mail order book that one subscribed to.  Over a period of 3 years the member would receive a page a day.  1200 pages and posters.  I have never see a more comprehensive collection in all my life.  To say that the regret is there would be so very true.  But there is nothing I can do about it.  I nurture the pain.

One book, not that I am "in" to it, but one was palm reading.  I just find every single thing in this world interesting.   Laid in in this huge book was a professors guide to the palm.  I'm talking ever morsel, line and crack.  How one crack can turn 24 ways and mean 24 things.  EVERYTHING!  That is the one I wish I got because come on, is that a coffee table book or what.  When friends and family come over they would be so very entertained.  But whatever I don't have it. 

What I do have and am grateful for is one that tells us all about fire and water.  What I learn in these books will sure to pass on through me some way or another I am sure.  The way my history works it will be flat out or you will see bits.  With Spring here I envision a change anyway, as the windows and doors open with the beckon of "come out and play".  They did so in the winter but I am a Rapunzel you see. Without full permission to be me. But with a bike and my feet I may roam.

Alder Moon:
Celtic Moon - there are 13 moons in a Celtic calender.  Between mid March and mid April is the Alder Moon, named after the Alder tree.  It is a time of growth and fertility.  A period of reawakening.  Your thoughts, wishes and actions during this time can bring your ambitions, buisness and creative ventures to realization.  Think on your hidden potential this cycle.  If you think of the moon this month you will have balance in your work.  Your intuitive side and pragmatic side unite so you have a clear head for what it is you are planning.
Alder Tree:
King of the waters.  Willow tree is its queen.  Alder wood is white when cut from the tree, then turns red.  The color red is a sign of fertility.  (I do not associate this with pregnancy more but growth in general.  All things can be impregnated with life.  Put all human ways of thinking on it pregnant is just a word.)  If I am correct you can dye cloth with the bark of an Alder tree?

Happy freshening thinking.

Thank you for reading.  This month they say it best to drink plenty of water.  Like we don't already.  :)
Be well.
I am off to do more thinking!  Always thinking!
Enjoy your week.

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