Worldly Places oh but once a year

Good Day Folks.  It is me.  Today you get the Chatty Cathy speaking for Dreamy Donna.  It amazes me and complicates me to deal with my dozen personalities.  Most of my persona's are dominated by the t-shirt and cotton trousers.  Lets call that one Lazy Lona.  She meanders through singing over and over gently lapsing into Dreamy Donna.  She has words and sayings.   Sage words captured only by dreams of the perfect person she wishes to be.  My images are easy to explore.  The sense of the 9th personality exists oh but once a year.  That perfect person.  Can she be Guided Grace?  She resides in my fore though reminding me until you are perfect I will not rule your sun.  Sweatpants me wags her tongue, crosses her arms then takes Sassy Sally for a ride on the dream coaster.
In this world I am wearing this tank top supported by that whistle while serving the Captain of this home his salad with fresh squeezed lemon topped with pomegranate bursts.   Yes this is the world my planet exists in.  I need to meet Mojo Mary to sit down with Make it happen Mabel and get all the others to a deserted island I wish to vacation oh but once a year.

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