SS2013 The Reclamation of Dungrees

 S p r i n g 
C o l l e c t i o n 
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Spring Collection. During this time in the Spring and Fall I would work secretly getting a collection created. I enjoyed the process, especially naming the collection when I was done. The first was Season of the Moored because when we got to Maine all the boats had docked for the upcoming Winter. This year is different. I am not going to hold off until they are all finished with a big collaborated shoot. They will be posted just as I normally do when each is complete. As you can get a taste with this one, and the first which as sold, there will be a theme of denim. I feel as though denim has been the one thing I alone have worked with apart from all other designers since the get go. Over this past winter, at least 5 months worth, I have been collecting more denim, mostly unique denim, old denim. From here on, with the exception of two new Olive Drab Settler Sacks I've been gathering materials for, you will see a lot of jeans. Please help me welcome: 
The Reclamation of Dungarees 
Please visit the Shops to see more of the collection as it comes in.  Camp Wilder is participating in the seasonal event as well.  There will be and are many vintage denim clothing, as is and upstyled.

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