Snowy self doting Sunday

Although the title gives off more of a personal perfection which is rather not the case.  Winter does a number on ones self.  There are not enough fresh fruits and veggies to gorge on.  The possible over indulgence of coffee is always pricking at my weakness.  Thus there are more water sucking activities going on in this house than there should be.  I like it though because it reminds me to be a good girl.  To learn how to eat year round.  Something I never thought to much about until now.  Now it matters.   So yes I over did the photos a bit because it is blizzard like out there today, I am working and decided to brew a cup put on some music, do my make up.  I dressed in some thrifted & on sale clothing that was purchased months ago but sitting in the summer/spring box waiting patiently.  Plus it has been awhile since I have worked artsy and with linen.

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