Good Day all.
The latest of my photos on Instagram.  It's in my own head.  I am the only one that knows the purpose behind the red photos.  Why I never bothered to tell anyone it is beyond me.  So here is the why...

It was decided in order to focus my attention solely on my art and acquisitions I must not spread my socializing too thin.  But I want to stay active.  Participation is key to friendships, an outlet and spreading the word about the sewist I am.  Blahhhhh. Blab!  :)

I am taking a photo, a day, of the mundane and ordinary around my home.  Sure I was already doing that but needed to hone in closer so I didn't have to think to much about it.  The photos here speak for themselves, the rainbow.  I began with red, a lot of red.  When I am done with the colors black and white will be incorporated then brown, etc...  So far it is working.  My mind has remained clear and very happy.

blue will definitely have a blueberry as red had the strawberry.
Tuesday's photo ready to post.
Today's photo
This is just a show and tell.  As I was passing through Macy's  ( i love Macy's)  If I am to mall shop that is the place!  This is a Spring Ralph Lauren vest.  American Flag has hit the scene for sure.  

Side note.
All my weekend sale items are packed and headed out tomorrow, Tuesday.  The snow, sleet and rain plus the 100 person deep line because it was closed for the 3 days deterred me.


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