Being Mine!

 This reenacted photo by me is so you think Twilight.   They don't hold a candle to us!

The below photos are me sharing a little bit of the man I adore beyond measure.  Because he is funny, manly, sensitive and honest.  He broods.  He talks.  He's everything.  He shares.  He holds back.  He gives and He takes.  He's everyman.  He's Everything and He belongs to me.

he is acting rather goofy here (for my eyes only)
 The vest can be found at

You can see this on our table.  it is fabulous.  So far it is mine.  So far it has quieted my mind at night concentrating to get those little fuckers in to the center.  (no it is not aggravating it is very Zen for me) (I just wanted to refer to them as fuckers cuz most people would see them as such!)

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