Matriarch Monday {Womankind}

The world is complicated.  An entwined mess of connections that signal out waves of energy that change dead weight into forces and forces into another mess.  Most of these messes make sense to the people that can dig into them.  They can start from the very beginning at the first spun thread and follow its flow.  Keeping track of each split, jetty and tributary.  Most of us can't.  It takes a lifetime to learn, accept and understand.  As a society we have chosen an elite few to be thee great ones.  It is them but not them alone.  They are the sparks.  There is an entire engine, one complete with built in mechanics to keep the ride rolling. 

In each strand and spin off something great always happens.  But what happens within it is carried on by the next baton holder.  We tend to forget that the originator and the current battle'ist are equally important in the manifestation of this complicated world.  Take for example Harriet Tubman.  She got somewhere.  She was a catalyst to achieve black men the right to vote in 1870.  With her inspiration it took 100 years to truly free the slavery acts of woman.   Who were the woman in between those times that stood and marched proudly to inspire their daughters and sister?

If I am to begin again with Matriarch Monday.  It should be for the whole of womanhood.  I am not going to start at the beginning of time.  Like I stated above those webs are a life's mission.  It is clearly possible to do, very possible in fact.  Rather romantic in fact.  For now lets give props to the woman as a whole who have fought for us and our rights. 

1900s US Woman Suffragists.  It began in the late 1800s over seas in places like Russia, Finland.  New Zealand being the first to let women vote.  It was long battle to weave this web.  It is one woman encouraging another and another.... completing a journey in Norway in 1913.  That is 20 years of begging, pleading and letting yourself be known and ridiculed.  

1920s  America.  THE 19th AMENDMENT (Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton) It took them 40 years to get this to the final voting.  That is a whole lifetime.  An entire generation and lifetimes of woman along side to make that happen. for instance: Carrie Chapman Catt & Alice Paul

1960s The 60s is what gave us the right to chose our path of today.  If woman were forced to stay home and raise the children they considered themselves lesser than.   With no choice.  No freedom to do just so.  They could vote but what was the point of voting on topics that were spoken about in the taproom and meeting halls.  All they had was their mothers teachings of being a proper lady, mixing a great martini and reading Cosmo for the latest tips on grooming for the appeasement of him.  It became apparent that woman wanted a choice in the matter.  If they were to do so than at least let it be their choice.  Or could it have been a major shift in the evolution of man.  This is when we were free of germs.  A time where we were not fighting the flu, cholera and small pox.  This is an age where it became apparent that we had "fixed" the humans.  For what benefit.  Woman weren't home nursing like Jane Eyre or walking days on end for a gallon of milk.  Suddenly days were longer, health was better getting places was quicker.   The evolution (structure) of mans mind was changing. 
Taking all the cobweb jibber jabber out.  Girls were growing up and not wanting to be like their mothers.  They wanted to go to school.  Party, enjoy and use their successes in school in the workforce.  But they couldn't.  Their degrees were meaningless.  Unless they fought for it.  All the positions that had their passion were occupied by men.  How to get a woman in that seat to hear the stories of their wishes.  One smart enough and with enough respect to translate the stories from the women protesting on the streets.  Was it Jeannette Rankin or Alice Mary Robertson?  Were they hearing Anita Hoffman, Lucy Burns, Coretta Scott King.  Many upon many woman can be accounted for.  Its so complicated.  It depended on where we stood, in which area we stood in and what the purpose of our goals were.  These are the rats nests that need to be untangled.  It would be nice to have a comprehensive report on the lineage tree of our sisterhood.  For now it is all woman.  Each sister and mother, kept in our heart and soul, that make us all unique matriarchs to our day, eventually our world and its history.

2000s  What is happening today.  Is it a silent march to match the income of a man still?  Is it the fact that we won and wish to go back home and earn the same as if we were sitting 6 stories up in a suit skirt?  Who is behind today?  Is their voice not loud enough so that we can single them out?  Or is it another thing all together.  Is it the hands on movement.  Are the woman understanding that the place is at home to raise and school children, make strong meals for the men how are growing in their respect for us?  Tending to the land.  Is there a name for this movement?  Will there be?  Are their studies happening now on all of us that are doing just so?  How is the scientist collecting the data?  Will we read about ourselves in a textbook in 20 years?  Who will they pick as their selected elite?   Or is nothing happening at all.


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