may.tree.ark's house tour

Good Morning,

This day Sunday I decided that it was time to do a deep mid winter cleaning.  With the heat being on so often, dust collects deep.  This gave me more time to organized collections we have here and there.  I thought it would be nice to share with some of you what the house looks like with a little tour.  Mind you there are some ugly areas.  Like unfinished entry ways, kitchen back splash and floor trims.  But all and all it is a delight and I am very thankful.  It was very sunny today and warm too.  A great day to hike but a perfect day to shake out the cobwebs.

they are facing the tv.  Some one told me they looked surprised.  They are watching Warhorse while I clean

where the yoga mat and weights live

I have abandoned the cellphone and speak from here now.

my very tall dresser.  I had been searching for one of these for belts, sunglasses and undergarments since highschool where a friend had one for the same purpose.

mail catch all

my husband loves Garfield muchly

vintage record player dresser. 

My grandmother had this mirror.  It was large and gold.  It bubbled.  I had been searching for one since childhood.  So far all I have found is this tiny version.

USPS and I are friends.

I have mediated myself into this bus.  I have looked out its windows while it climbs the hills of Ireland. 

I love Forest

Good Luck to our Spring Garden Plans

my dainty outfit all day long today

TV is always in view.  Movies Movies Movies.  or it is off..
Good Night  Thank you for taking the tour.

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