Matriarch Monday {re-announcing}

Hello Folksy Friends.

It has been decided that Matriarch Mondays will be brought back.  Click here for past ones.  There are only a few.  I would like to see if it is possible to achieve this (among other goals too).  I should have 52 amazing women by the end of this year.   I would like them to be famous, infamous, legends, not yet born, just born, you, and with out a doubt I wish to have several "true" matriarchs.  I would love to seek out leaders of a family, far and near.  In doing so we will learn how they can impact our lives and muse us to achieve our greatest efforts...

The goal behind it is this:

Most modern marvels or acts of courage to start a new endeavor are begun by one person.  The people that take these risks, are most likely gifted with courage but are packages wrapped in brilliant fear.  They can embark on such endeavors because of their own will but are surely lead by the fuel of those that follow and support them in the first place.

I find it hard to believe I wrote that.   

So here's to getting it done for next Monday. 

Please let me know of anyone you wish to see written about.  Someone we'd love to know better or get to know for the first time.   

Thank you
Be Well


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