Living near the sea and concurrently studying up on myths of all sorts made this find a real sweet one. 

Yes my mind races towards interesting things all the time.   It is not meant to sound self bloated.  Its just that one month its Feng Shui, the next its chakra, the next its mythology and the very next it will be dress making.  Its crazy.  Its fun and it is very welcomed.  A thirst for knowledge or a quest into why something works, how it works is great. 

My husband and I acquired an antique book on mythology.  The next day Troy was on late night.  Next thing you know I'm quizzing him on this god, that god and wars. 

So when I saw this at the thrift store my heart swelled.  Instantly an identification was made with her, the artist, the art, the modern fashion style and the beach scene.  It all emulated mine to a T.  She to me put Amphitrite, herself and me in the same sea.  I felt one with them.  I felt stronger and more connected. 

I sound way to full of corn nerda.  So let me put it this way.  The album art freaking rocks.!  I may wear black a lot this spring, fall or summer nights! It has inspired me.  That is not easy to do!  XOXO

These are some of the shots I took with the album for the vest and t-shirt.  I threw in the antique fishing knife for good measure.  at first when my husband got the knife I didn't understand it.  The wood has inches on it.  Maine (most, if not all) have to abide by a certain length to capture law.  They would use the knife to measure the fish caught.  If it didn't meet the length it is thrown back in.

Greek Myth book up at Camp Wilder

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