Strong SoBo

Welcome the newest Sophisticated Bohemian

Hello Folks.

Almost time for the big day.  Yesterday we battled a rather decent storm.  Funny with the dec 21st timing.  It was sort of apocalyptic out there with the high winds and blurred out down pours.  Our town did lose power.
Now that that is said and done and we are still here.  Happy 22nd.  So Stupid.  Did anyone throw any cool parties?

The first part of this post is to introduce the latest SoBo to the family.  It is in a way a repro of one I did for Camp Wilder last year.  There are subtle differences.  I loved the use of the Vintage Japanese wool/silk blend with the organic brown denim and had to do this with the very last of it.  So that's it no more.  Of either.  That silk and the denim.

The old one

The second part of this post is to all the ladies (and gentleman) that need a boost from yours truly.   

You hold power in your hand.  If you feel as though someone else holds your power, tipping the scale to your side is in your hands. It is possible.  It is possible and you alone hold the capacity to do so.  If you see someone getting attacked wrongfully, with unjust information stand up for them.  Their voice or muscle may not be as strong as yours. If you have no muscle go to someone that does.  Ask for help.

Do not let anyone stand in your way of that.  If they do not know you for you or are a bully.  Fight.  Fight silently, fight loudly but fight.  Do so in a matter that leaves your conscience intact.  Where your grace wins over their girth.  Do not harm or strike them.  Only strike with honest emotion and strict fact.  

I have been misjudged, misinterpreted many times.  It will continue to happen.  I have stood and allowed it to happen out of fear and the thought that these weak weasels are not worth my time.  They will continue and keep going.  It is their way.  It is their only way.  It is were their power comes from.  Drain it.  Do not fuel it. 

If you do nothing it will keep happening.  It always does to the best people.  The people with a strong moral, a good intent will always get pushed into a corner.  That love and patience you have is their meal.  Fight your way out.  Do not sit there being a cowardice.  Get up and show the world your strength and beautiful soul.   Their goal is to defeat you.  To infect you then draw that dark power back into themselves for self righteous intentions.  Extinguish their hate inside you with love so when it is sucked out it will plant a seed within them that will flourish to rid them of their own evil.  They will weaken and go away.  Leaving you proud, strong and ready to teach the next cowardice.

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