Modern Fanny Pack

I am so happy to be back at that old feeling.  Take a look at some of the Hipshacks that I have been working on over the last several days.  In just a day I can only get one done but lately I've been speeding and staying in the studio longer so I am able to get another cut out.  They take hours, these little buggers.  Soon though I am hoping to get 2 a day.  If i were a fan of webbing I think I could get 3-4 done a day.  The strap takes the longest...

The shop is here or you can link direct to just the hipshacks here shop name maytreeark

Oh and I now accept credit cards (always did through paypal) BUT now they make it super easy for you.  And gift cards, maytreeark accepts gift cards too. 

Thank you.  Happy Sunday

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