Good night sweet camera

These few photos took 1/2 a day to download.  There are others that I will share tomorrow with you that took the other half of the day.  You see my camera has shit the bed.  It is a point and shoot camera, a Canon Powershot 14 megapixels that has been in use since the conception of may.tree.ark.  It went across country twice with me and has rendered over 400,000 photos.  It was acting up all month.  Each time I'd plug it in the photos would not load.  It got to a point where I had to find the right pressure on the cord and listen for a faint sound to be born inside the MacBook.  Once I heard it I could not move, the pressure on my hand was intense.  It took at least 70 tries and each time I'd hold my breath, not move a twitch and 5 minutes into loading it would cease at the last photo and fail.  My frustration grew into a headache, that lasted all day.  Just now I vowed if I could only retrieve the last photos from it, list the item and play with the photos taken I will not take another photo from it again.  It worked.  After 12 hours of trying and 70 attempts I have emptied the camera.  Until I can afford a new camera I must enlist my iphone to get the job done.  Wish me luck.  Tomorrow I will show off the very last photo shoot with my point and click camera.  There is humor and endearing actions behind them if you can open your heart to it.  For now here is a sneak peek!

Thank you for reading.
Happy Weekend and New Year to you all.

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