The beginning, middle and the continuation...

Memorial Day USA sunshine, autumn sun is here, or the lack there of.

Things have been wonky, to say the least.  I blame social media!

I have deleted facebook, IG (for the most part) and Twitter (for the most part)  I use IG and Twitter to inform people who wish to know of upcoming or newly listed goodies.  I am not very good at social media.  Nope.  I am good at my art, my husband, my home, myself and my earth.  I in fact suck at things I can not touch!  SO.  i am going to come back here, my original safe haven to "let loose"...  Enough said.  here's the late!

Summer store front setting in my home town, actually its a city.  Yes there are picket fences in downtown.  Its 250 years old.  To America that is old.  To everyone else its bout' a sprout.  To the Earth, its but a constant wave of this or that.

My husband and I.  Married 12 years together 17.  Yes we are babes in the woods.  We met at 14.

I cut my hair!  Booo.  I miss the straight locks.  {vain and insane}

Currently looking at a new pin board in front of my desk.  (HARVEST)

I recently saw Gandhi.  If i weren't so afraid of sharing my words, I'd share my thoughts.  Instead I must remain true to the photography, that is how I share.

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