Citizen Cathy for Camp Wilder shares a series of Pastel Moments

 The latest SoBo.  Its been over a month since one has been created.  My description in the for sale section is going to be changed.  It sounds so dumb!  Its more for here!  So here:

Creating bags like this and all others is like fostering a love. Special attention goes into each fabric chosen which is collected from precious places locally or on my travels across America. The time and attention that is given to grow this satchel into what it is. I have no blueprint or sketch of the outcome. I never know from the beginning what it will be, the building process takes a life of its own. It is such a delightful feeling when I'm done and it is handed over to you. I truly enjoy creating these satchels. Thank you for being apart of this truly handmade process with me.

 Available for Purchase Here!

 This is my little series to show you how it feels to be settling in the new digs. 

1.  a little dazed and confused
2. perkier

3. Seeing the glow over the horizon
4. not so suppressed and stuffy

 By no means is anything done.  Heck no.  We still don't have a bath. Over one month now that we have been living here.  We hired a slow poke.  Don't get me started on that!  The wallpaper in the entry way still needs to be scraped.  Truth be told its not that bad.  It has a Grey Gardens feel to it so I'm not feeling up rooted.  What was bad was the flooring.  Not having that was a bit of a "waiting" feel to get comfortable.  Slowly but surely it is all coming together.  As funds come in we get to buy one more thing on the list.  Its a long list.  We hoped to have a garden this year but it may have to wait till next year, as we can't even get to tick a lawn mover off the list.  These are all happy problems which I feel so extremely blessed to have

Be Well folks.
I'm not making empty promises (promises to show photos of home progress) I'm just as stated above coming out of a foggy month.  They are coming...

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