Citizen Cathy : Rest Relax Recoup

There are no pictures for this post today.  Yesterday was moving day.  The one before that was packing day and this day is sloooooooooow.  Two blown out knees and a stiff sore body are making for a rather slow get up and go. 

Looking back at what we have done is mind blowing.  I'm accustomed to maintaining a house (like cooking & cleaning) stitching and designing handbags that ripping apart a house has never been trained for.  This is some serious manual labor.  Of course it is, right.  I just thought that things like carpets getting ripped up, floor installation and bathtubs walls get torn out were going to be subcontracted.  The wall painting and cleaning were going to be left up to me.  You know the pretty decor stuff.  Nope.  I've learned a hard lesson in cost cutting.  DIY!  That should have been something easily accepted I love doing it myself.  It was, it was just too much to take on.  Its just that I feel so dislodged from life.  No shower at this point, the floor is not done.  The studio walls aren't up.  I was lucky to nail the bed back together in time to get in it before I crashed.  There was a point of tears as I crumbled on the stairs with the (holy grail) coffee maker in hand.  Granted its decaf but its still soothes my soul.  My knees wouldn't make it.  They would not work.  This scares me a bit.  Why.  It feels more than just tired muscles.  If feels oddly major.  I tend to over reach my conclusions though.  So we wait, rest and hope.

Speaking of decaf.  Many things are slowly changing.  I'm hoping to give it up.  Or better said I'm hoping to faithfully replace it.

So today I rest. Waiting for a jolt of new energy to finish pulling up staples from the floor.  Sweep the 5th time and paint the living room.  Once that is complete I am going to set the spare room up as a studio.  No sew no dough.  This means the intentions of having the spare room set for mediation and yoga are a slated for the future, short future, maybe a month.  Wait until you see what we have planned for that room.  We have the walls and floor primed BUT the designs by Zdenek and I are going to be fabulous.  I'm hoping it all happens sooner than later. 

Then the studio.  The entire studio will be offset from the house.  Even with its own entrance.  The utility sink for it is amazing!  I've come up with a new concept for the green approach in my practice.  There has been some slack spoken about the handmade business ventures, that they are not green. More on that later too.  There is much to do in 2012

And then the garden.  Did I mention that?  Stay tuned for a new Citizen Cathy....
Be Well folks....

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