{ Balance } a bit of pretty; a bit of gnarly

My trees.  These are in the front yard, starting to bud.
 Good Day Folks.  Have a few spare moments to pop on and let you know the whats and hows of my days as of late!

No rotary cutters in sight.

If anyone knows me they know that a traditional; horoscope is less true to me than a Sunday newpaper comic can be.

We have been painting A LOT, eating pizza and skimping on the fish oil.  One good thing about living in a city like New York or London is that you may have access to quality food quickly and close.  Living in the middle of suburbia is not so good when it comes to being American.  This so far is a draw back.  When you are in the process of uprooting your life the last thing you can really do is food shop.  Stocking the fridge with freshies is less than desirable when you can't move your fingers at the end of the day to prepare for the next or refuel for the prior.  So I've eaten lots of apples, banana nuts and 2 slices of pizza (I'm not a big fan of heavy food)  Just saying. 
So yes these three comics were in the paper.  It made me go " hmmmm" that's too interesting.

trying to pick up another book after finishing the hunger games, which was good.  This one takes place, complete with historic background mix with fantasy, in the same place as the twilight series. 

Saw the prettiest sight on the way home.  I like to think its a peace dove but I'm sure its an albino pigeon.
THE HOUSE... These are my numbers.  33, 76 and 77.  When we ripped out the carpets we got down to the subfloor.  No hardwood, thats okay we will lay some down.  BUT let me tell you how grossed out I was over human filth.  Not that I was surpirsed.  Truly a sight to see how nasty carpets are and how disturbing humans really do live.  I am honored to say that I will walk even gentler on Mother Earth after going through this "bullshit"

So with all this we are trying to stay as balanced as we can.

Cleaning out the closet ( no they are not going back in) I want to see white EVERYWHERE!

My love to you all.

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