This is a little bit of what my day looked liked today.  It was a celebration of me and my birth...

Ah...Happy Birthday!  I'm not much of getting gooey but something has struck a cord in me as of late.  So I did.  I got all gooey!

Two of the presents that were so graciously accepted were the boy statue with the lanky legs.  And Chasing Fire.  This series was, at first, shunned.  It was too gory.  Not a book that was good for me or anyone to read.  However, I gave in.  The first of three was read.  It is a simple read in which something other than horror radiates out of.  It tells the tale of family and the love for others.  Not to mention the honor to keep ones self alive.  I have, so far, learned the value of freedom, family, self reliance and am now learning the art of wild survival.  For me, I was born and raised a meat eater, turned vegetarian for a solid 9 years, vegan for almost 1 year and am now in a flux of where to go next in terms of natural basic instinct.  A lot is happening lately which is thrilling!

In short I am digging into the series and digging life because they are full of magic moments.

my birthday suit.  A live wildly tank top covered with a button up vest topped of with a black blazer.

of course, right...how awesome is that?

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