Fashioning an arrow at Camp

These feet were busy today....

Worked on a pillow and clutch purse using a vintage weave cotton fabric.  I hand stitched a peace sign tab on the pillow and a colored arrow on the zipper clutch.  The clutch is up a may.tree.ark and the pillow will be over at Camp Wilder soon.

Got a little happy when packing up clothing that was collected over the winter for this spring / summer.  Here are a few prematurely modeled.  (shy grin)  The dress, which is long, and will be showed much better this spring, is my favorite.  Here it looks like a lamp shade with a string to turn the bulb on.  This makes me chuckle.  But wait until you see the dress. 

This is a photo of my grandfather building a pool in Massachusetts.  He is the one in the white tank top with white band around his wrist.  I love his bright smile.  He still has that smile...

Thanks for Reading my loves.

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