Picnik was here

We took a family trip these past few days.  While doing so I walked on MANY floors.  All rather unique with wow factors.  The rest will be shared after things are caught up around here.  I had to pop on to share with you some (in my humble opinion) bullshit.  Not quite sure the details but when the term ants invaded is used I tend to think, hostel.  Although Picnik, the photo editing site relates its self to baskets and picnics it is only proper to use the term.  So the conclusion map is still not jump on, just yet.  But with all this PIPA and SOPA its scares me.  Anyway.  Picnik is closing.  What is Google+ I am now asking myself!

p.s.  this is a strange time with may.tree.ark and camp wilder.  just remember may.tree.ark is still here.  we are (i) am having a solid focus there.  (solid = pun intended) because I am a patchwork lover.

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