Keep the Christ in Christmas Part II

Welcome to the weekend Folks.  It is quite evident that there was a bit too much fun while these photos were in edit mode.  Where the sparkles landed on my hands was a great surprise.  After that I was hooked on achieving more results.  It's self satisfying to see my work as handmade magic.  Corny!  Eh, that's okay!  Choosing one photo to share with you was not easy.  There is no purpose to a choice anyhow. They are for me and my advertising purpose to sell and promote the hipshack here on this blog.   Its not like it gets published on any other blog or magazines like Lulu.  Although I wouldn't complain it it happened to find its way to other places that pointed back here.  hint hint, nudge nudge.   Am I the one that should be waving my hand in the air asking "please look my way"?  That would be a most difficult thing for me to do.  Anyway back to the point.

There are two amazing photos at the end of this post.  You see the way this particular photo shoot went, as all do, was rawly.  It was to capture the Hipshack.  The lighting was strange this time.  My lamp blew.  Another was brought in to replace it.  The staging of it was across from the natural light source, not typical to the everyday scene, so it cast a shadow.  The ties around my hands are seam scraps from the repurposed material used to make it.  At first it was wrapped around my arm as a bracelet band.  It dawned on me to wrap it around my hands like Rocky to put up a fight.  It progressed from there.  The end result, the last photo, was not intended to be anything Christ like or angel at all.  Just like this post here.    I'm obviously glad that it did occur.  Its nice to have a natural reminder that my guardian angel is really there.

Merry Christmas...

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