{H} owl at good deals, something to love

First let me begin with saying that may.tree.ark is having a free shipping coupon for the Holiday Weekend and Cyber Monday.  Simply type FREEMAY upon check out.  Shop } may.tree.ark

 These past few days have been busy and I've inquiried about some little elves to assist in the Holiday demand.. Aren't they cute.

 The owl necklace is one from the run I've been doing on instagram.  It was paired with my fresh thrift find from yesterday.  $2.99.  I am used to spending money for things like this.  So I was pleased that more stuff could go into my basket to work up to the budget.  The sweater will be shown another time.  But the Life is a beach shirt is just there below.  One is blurry.  That's my fav because its winter here and the beach is a blur.  {although my husband makes me walk it still in my winter down} 

 Here, this is for you...

 This scarf is for when I have to clean the mansions throne...

 These are the news additions to the shop...
Bread Bag } available

 Large Zipper Case } available 

 Small Zipper Case } available 

Rural Rustic Rucksack } available

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