A funny kind of love

 Over the past couple days this is what I have been up to.  Making the bag above.  Oh I love it.  I love the splash of texture print and color added.  Still fits the bill on my functionality statement.  Everything has a place and everything in its place.  Plenty of pockets, key clips and pen holder like no other.

 On instagram I noticed a lot of folks took fotos of 11 11 11.  I got a bit creative with mine...  Its a photo capture of my email inbox of my iphone.  I love how you can snap a pic of your screen, so cool.

Then it was night time, as we were laying about watching michael jackson, this is it.  We got goofy and then we got real.  Goofy was.  It finally dawned on me that my face is as long as Meep from the muppets.  TOO MUCH, I know!  LOL

But then as we watched Michael Jackson we got to remembering love.  Not that we needed to remember but we pondered it for a bit.  At the films end it was a still of his shiny shoes with his naming typing out in script.  I thought that it was going to have is dates memorialized under it.  I teared up when it spelled out: love lives forever. Very true, may god bless him.

This is my homage to love present and past.

 Let me leave you with this... Live with your collar popped and your heart in the right place.  Wearing it on your sleeve can open you up.  Rather leaving it where it belongs lets you live harmoniously with love.

All photos and content are always mine unless specified specifically by someone special...

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