Ode to crazy love

Every year my father would like to tell us that his birthday present was my sister and I going back to school. 
New butterfly zipper pouch now available in the shop 

This brings me to socks.  I love them.  We all must, right? Every year I'd get to pick out new knee socks from the shopped lined streets along with new oxford shoes.  My grandmother, a life long resident of New England's cradle, would bring us to the cobbler in Concord, Ma.  I can still remember the old smell while I sat on the bench getting my feet measured by the old man.

These are my new .49 cents perfect 1900's socks that I am most happy to slip on in the chilled winter nights here in New England as I slumber...

 Do you see how much this auction ended for?  My jaw dropped.  That is a lot of pennies.  I have one.  Didn't pay nearly that much for it, it was costly but not that costly.  Now my questions are:  Is it rare?  Is someone out there buying up the lot of them to prepare a collection?  Anyhow I do have one.  It is there below in my cabinet.  Its been with me for about a year now just waiting for the perfect handbag project.  I just had to share with you how I am blown away.


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