Matriarch Monday {In like a lion out like a lamb}

As Hurricane Irene took stage she was brilliant.  Carrying with her a lot of energy for those of us that are particular to barometric pressure. 

As she walked off she left my home surrounded by a glowing rainbow. The night sky was windswept and dry.  Looking in all directions it was glowing and grounding from red to gray.  For here that was the case, for others I do hope that recovery is swift and painless so that you too can enjoy this breeze that is so very fresh.

With Hurricane Irene out of my way (not sure where she is now?) I was curious who else in history named Irene has made an impact.  That would be Sister Irene - 1823 - 1896.  It looks as if she was a pioneer for the care and safe keeping of abandoned children on the streets of New York.  She advocated, along with the Sisters of Charity, to start New York Foundling which still operates today.
Sister Irene is an appropriate pick for Matriarch Monday.
My day consisted of relaxation, watching a movie on the couch in my cute {and appropriate} kite shorts. 
A bit of studio room laundry for the weeks to come.  

  And a visit from the cutest dog ever who watched patiently as I did a spot of light cleaning.


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