Inventing something cool rules

When I opened my hair accessory drawer to pull out my Heather Bailey trash ties.
{I have had them since they were released by her}

After jumping on the website to order more I noticed her disclosure about her inventing them and the conception of them. If someone so smart, talented and beautiful can radiate such confidence so can I. The link is not working on her site that brings you to how they came about but if I recall it involved a Hollywood set with Drew Barrymore. How can you go wrong there....

There are some photos of her trash ties in my hair and they do work as fabulous as she promotes them to be...

Oh and the folks who make felted bracelets are pretty darn cool too.

Other things I have been up to this week is of course sewing but another invention, Instagram.

Come on over if you've got the iPhone and follow me, maytreeark.

Have a wonderful safe weekend.
Citizen Cathy


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