never settle for less

Hi it's me your shopkeeper stopping in to share a few items; The Bag, Settlers Sack and my sunglasses made popular by such folks as Jackie O, Carrie Donovan and the one and only woman who's name I don't know. Nor am I a good googler to find it out. She is a Hollywood fashion icon (designer) that wears extra large gaudy glasses and 25 pounds of jewelry a day.

This particular settlers sack has tiny embellishments to keep with up with the charm of summertime and my newest addition of my new logo, the redwood tree! This is the first time it was used and shown off. I do dearly love it and the lovely girl who drew up it with me.

I hope you enjoy taking a look at it and the glasses which are a purchase from Free People. The last time glasses were acquired by me was last summer, but I'm afraid they were spoiled too much to wear now. Gladly so because I love these so very much and will take extra care of them. I made an adorable protector case for them with a little bit of fabric that is a special keepsake.


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