spots around the house

Below are some random shots around my home. Just for fun.

This a pile of VHS tapes I'm working my way through as hipshacks are stitched up.

and below there is a distressed little box of inspirations cut from magazines & catalogs. The one with the roller skates is placed on top because I love a shoe shot and it makes for visual appeal for you to see the cut outs. It wasn't saved for that reason, it was saved because I have a make believe love affair with Drew Barrymore {who doesn't?} and I cut out every article I come across of her...shhh, that's between us.

This is our kitchen. My husband loves this painting of an older gentleman. We consider it many different ways. It depends on the mood. Some days he is lonely, others graceful and on bright days he is saying thanksgiving prayer with his family listening in attentively.


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